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The PermaBASE family of products provide performance and peace of mind with valuable features and applications that save you time and money. We have the size you need and the product quality you expect for all your applications.

PermaBASE Building Products innovated the use of lightweight polystyrene beads within the Portland cement core to provide performance benefits unique to only PermaBASE.

The use of polystyrene aggregate makes PermaBASE significantly lighter and easy to cut. The beads also contribute to the industry's lowest water absorption, preventing the adhering mortar from drying prematurely.

PermaBASE Building Products provides the industry’s best warranties with a lifetime interior warranty and 15-year exterior warranty.

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Reinforced Edge

Strong EdgeTech® technology

Our reinforced edge with EdgeTech® technology allows fasteners to be installed closer to the edge without fracturing like other cement boards. It helps reduce damage from handling and makes our products more comfortable to handle.

Products Overview

Working wherever your project takes you

Choose from the six types of PermaBASE cement board products to find the best match for your project.

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The best base

The PermaBASE family of products offer features and benefits that save you both time and money.

Resists Moisture

Stays intact when exposed to water; will not rot, disintegrate or swell -- built for the long run. Achieves the industry's lowest water-absorption rating (ASTM C473) offering better installation.

Installs Quickly

PermaBASE® products are lightweight and easy to cut, speeding up installation. Reduces job site waste with an easier, cleaner cut.

Stays Strong

Resists impact and remains dimensionally stable extending the life of your project. Holds up to the toughest conditions.


We offer one panel with many applications. Adhere tile, stone or thin brick directly to PermaBASE® in exterior applications. Durable substrate for direct-applied coating systems.


UL fire-rated wall assemblies. NFPA 285 approvals. Approved for non-combustible construction.

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