Cement Board

PermaBASE PLUS® Cement Board

Same qualities as PermaBASE® Cement Board but weighs 15% less


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Lightweight, rigid substrate

For interior and exterior applications
  • Moisture & Mold Resistant
  • Easier Cut & Faster Install
  • Smoother Surface / Stronger Bond
  • EdgeTech® Reinforced Edge

PermaBASE PLUS® Cement Board has the same qualities built into PermaBASE® Cement Board but weighs 15% less. When you need to lighten your load, consider PermaBASE PLUS for both interior and exterior applications.


  • Stays intact when exposed to water; will not rot, disintegrate or swell – built for the long run.
  • Achieves the industry’s lowest water-absorption rating (ASTM C473) – offering better installation.
  • Helps inhibit mold growth with the highest possible score on mold tests (ASTM D3273 and ASTM G21).
  • Resists impact and remains dimensionally stable – extending the life of your project.
  • Holds up to toughest conditions.
  • Lightweight and easy to cut – speeding up installation.
  • Reduces job site waste – easier, cleaner cut.
  • Durable substrate for direct-applied coating systems.
  • Meets UL classifications for one- and two-hour fire-rated assemblies.
  • Building code approved – one substrate that does the job of many

Interior Applications

Exterior Applications

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Cement Board Masonry Veneer, Cement Board Stucco, Outdoor Living, Shower, Bathtub, Accent Wall, Floors, Fireplace, Sauna / Steam Room, Kitchen, Heat Shield


EdgeTech® Reinforced Edge




36", 48"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to answer your product and installation questions

What kind of fasteners do I use to install PermaBASE PLUS® Cement Board?

Corrosion resistant screws or galvanized roofing nails. Strongly suggest PermaBASE screws since they do not have nibs like competitor screws.

What do I tape the PermaBASE PLUS® cement board joints with?

2” Alkali resistant mesh tape and mortar mix.

How much lighter is PermaBASE PLUS?

PermaBASE PLUS is 17% lighter than standard PermaBASE cement board.

What is the fastener spacing for interior wall applications?

Every 8” o.c. along the perimeter and field of board.

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