Installation of PermaBASE Cement Board over concrete and CMU

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The following is the recommendation from PermaBASE Building Products, LLC for installing 1/2" or 5/8" PermaBASE® Cement Board directly to concrete and CMU walls.

Position PermaBASE Cement Board into the desired location. While holding the panel in place drill a 5/32" diameter hole through PermaBASE and into the concrete/ CMU wall to a depth 1/2" longer than the screw. Be sure to auger out the debris as you are withdrawing the drill bit.

Install a 1-3/4" or 2-1/4" long 3/16" dia. concrete screw with TruFast Walls Grip-Plate® Lath & Plaster washer through PermaBASE into a pre-drilled hole and tighten screw/washer flush with the surface of the cement board. Be sure to achieve at least 1-1/4" screw embedment into CMU, and at least 1" screw embedment into concrete.

Screw spacing to be 12" on center along the perimeter and throughout the field of the cement board. Screws around the perimeter should be located 2" in from ends and edges of the PermaBASE.

Cement board joints should then be treated with alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh tape as usual. All control joints in the concrete/CMU structure need to be honored on the cement board.